Good bye Natural Advanced Therapy. Hello ZEN HOUSE

Why Zen?

The word Zen has been used all over lately to describe everything from food to places. The true meaning of Zen translates to being in the moment and finding peace with what is, removing the resistance that ultimately leads to all mental and physical stress.

At our facility, we strive to teach our clients how to find Zen in the chaos and how to minimize suffering and pain in all we are, the mind, body and spirit.

Natalee Bouman has been in business for 13 years and her business models have evolved as her family dynamics, and education expanded. Shifting from Prenatal & Postnatal and Kids Fitness and Yoga to Registered Massage, Structural Integration and Mental Health Therapies, to become what it is now, was never intended but a classic example of how life goes.

The beginning, it was the popular Family Physique Studio. She sold that business to pursue a career in medicine, but life took her on a slightly different path when she discovered Structural Integration. The latest name was a lazy name for Natalee and she was quickly nick named NAT. “You need Nat! Call Nat". Natalee caved and NAT became the slang name of her work place and lead to the name Natural Advanced Therapy. The name encompassed what her clinic offered and represented her name, but as clinic expanded, it just didn’t seem to fit anymore.

Locations changed as the years went on and the busier Natalee became. New staff came on board, more programs developed and more space was needed. 2017 Natalee began the search for the perfect space for her unique business model and in 2018, the perfect place finally went on the market. Natalee bought the little house in the heart of Downtown Medicine Hat’s North Railway area. Renovations quickly took place to convert this house into her vision, inspired by the training for Yoga Therapy she took in Thailand, and from all things back home in Victoria, BC. Reopening in January of 2019, Medicine Hat’s first Infrared Therapy room and lounge was built within the clinic. People would arrive and the phrase often heard was “it is so Zen in here". Clients really appreciated the enforced etiquette of the infrared therapy room and started to nick name this space as the Zen Den.

In 2020, due to Covid, Natalee was shut down like many other small businesses. 6 months closed was very hard, but she found herself using the space daily to really think about the future of her business and fend off Covid under the UV therapy heaters. The outdoor sala, she spent countless hours at in Thailand, kept coming to mind. She felt a calling to bring a space that brings the peace of outdoors, coast lines and true sacred salas, to Medicine Hat. This space is meant to break up the chaos that became the world and be the place to take a break from it all. With the financial help and large support of the City of Medicine Hat, Community Features Entrecorp and Apex Southern Alberta, this became a reality. In August of 2020, the Zen Yard was born.

Why house?

Well, simply out, it is an old house and it is hard to not see that. The feeling of home does not go unnoticed. Clients, especially our kids, always say “I wanna live here!” or “I feel so at home here" we never want to lose that feel of coming home.

Together, every element and aspect of the facility had people taking a deep breath upon arrival and voicing this is a Zen House. And there it was. Our new name. A name that fits. Zen House.

Thank you for joining along in our adventure and please welcome our new name change to the page. Same place. More to offer. New name.

New website is being built. Signage is ordered. New staff are being trained. 2 more treatment offices are being built. Always seeking like minds to join our team.

Change takes time but time makes change 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕

Namaste 🙏

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