What is ZEN HOUSE all about?

We are a private therapy clinic for patients that are active in what we call Bio Structural Myotherapy programs. The facility was built for the comfort of the programs, which included Registered Massage Therapy, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Restorative Exercise, Structural Integration and other complimentary therapies.  

Do you have studio etiquette rules?

- No personal items such as cell phones, electronics, purses etc. in therapy room. Personal yoga mats, water bottles, towels allowed only. Please keep personal items in lockers.

- Please refrain from talking in Zen Den.

- Respect social distancing.

- Arrive at least 15 minutes early for class. 

- If you can not attend class, please let instructor know as soon as possible.

- Let your instructor know about injuries prior to class.

Can I drop in?

We do not offer last minute drop in, we are a by appointment only facility. 


What can I expect when I arrive?

​Due to Covid, a lot of things have changed! When you arrive, please sanitize or wash hands. Please wait in Zen Yard, Lounge or Zen Den if pre-booked. 

A private session always begins with a discussion regarding your lifestyle, activities, sleep patterns, goals, mobility and pain you experience doing the things you love to do. You will receive a full body physical assessment followed by hands on treatment time. After session you will notice significant reduction in chronic stress, pain and enhanced neurological functioning.

*please wear or bring comfortable, light clothing (gym attire), if you plan to use infrared room and for all movement therapies.