What We do

Zen House is a place that offers Registered Massage Therapy and Yoga, and is Medicine Hat's boutique Infrared Therapy studio. Members utilize our specialized wellness plans that include Advanced & Registered Massage Therapy, Myofascial Cupping, Structural Integration, Infrared Therapy and Yoga & Movement Therapy; a powerful combination of therapies that are not only recommended by the medical community, but welcomed by the alternative medicine world.  Collectively known as Bio Structural Myotherapy, this elite approach works from a body, mind and spirit approach. The body is whole, and all systems are connected, therefore, therapy should be handled as such. What sets this therapy apart is that it addresses areas of the body others may have not considered. The importance of breath, how the alignment of the body affects wellness, the importance of movement and what we put in our body factors into your overall health and pain management. Getting to the source of discomfort, or identifying why healing is delayed, is the key to your optimal health.

Yoga Session


In the new facility, Zen House is seeking to expand our team of health practitioners that work together to make sure our loyal and dedicated clients receive the care they deserve. If you think you are like us, contact us to join in!